Wild Jamaican Cerasee 3OZ
Wild Jamaican Cerasee 3OZ

Wild Jamaican Cerasee 3OZ

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PREGNANCY: It is said drinking Cerasee will prevent pregnancy. Do not consume if trying to conceive. Due to this we DO NOT recommend drinking it while pregnant either. It is safe and recommended after the baby is born. 

PREPARATION: Boil 3 cups of water and add a small handful of the herb. boil down to 2 cups and turn off the fire and allow the tea to steep for at least 1 hour. Drink 1 cup daily and DO NOT EXCEED 9 DAYS TO STRAIGHT USE. After 7-9 days discontinue use for 1 week. It maybe resumed after a week if seeking to kill parasites, otherwise 1-9 days is good. 

Our wild cerasee is sourced wild in Jamaica. It is a bitter herb with many healing properties. The leaves and vines are used to make tea. It is used to address, parasitic worms, cleanse the liver, for skin problems like psoriasis and eczema, aids with high blood pressure, easing belly aches and menstrual cramps, used after birth to cleanse and tone the reproductive organs, blood and body cleanser, relief of stomach ulcers, relief of joint pains, and settles the nerves. Children are given this herb for colds or flu and as a "wash out".